Always wonderful. We first came here in 1987.
Patricia Mitcham

I called early Monday to see if I could board my pets. No problem. I get them there an hour later and one dog is very happy to see them and the other is handed over without a fuss. I call on Tuesday and ask if they can stay longer. No problem. I go to pick them up today and one dog is still very happy to be there and the other one, as usual, did his dance until I picked him up and held him while his lease was swapped with theirs. He never acts like he has to leave, he just is happy to see me. Ed and I were able to relax on this sudden trip without worrying about our dogs. I love being able to take them to where they are not afraid to stay and I know they are give lots of love while we are not around. Thank you to all of you. ToTo and Little Man say ‘Thank you’ too.
Kathy Evans West